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LCD TV Treadmills

Treadmills with built-in TV

treadmill with built in tvIn this age of progress and technology, plenty of fitness gadgets are available too. A treadmill with built in TV is one of the smart new ideas. It may seems like too extravagant, but I have to say: "I really like working out with the LCD TV right in front of me". I can bet, you get bored while jogging in your empty room. Watching your favorite program or movie would be great, isn't that right? It makes your workout more enjoyable.

There are two main designs: treadmills with TV built into the console and treadmills with TV attached separately to the console. The first mentioned TV treadmills usually have smaller display units (about 7-12 inches), while the second version comes with larger screens (about 15 inches).

Although they are very popular, due to the high cost there are only a few models of treadmills with built in TV available on the market. We selected the 3 best rated and most popular LCD TV treadmills for you:

Smooth Fitness 9.45 TV
Smooth Fitness 9.65 TV
Price: $3999 - on Sale: $2299

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