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Sole F65 Treadmill Review - 2011

Sole F65 Review

SOLE F65Many visitors have contacted us asking for F65 treadmill review including a comparison between Sole F65 vs F80. Its quite logical request. The F65 is placed in the middle of Sole's treadmill lineup, located between the models F85 and F63. Here you can find รก comparison of features of all Sole treadmills.

Except a lower price, the Sole F65 treadmill also has less features than the F80 (the F80 is loaded with more additions so that's the main reason for its higher price). With a 2.75 HP motor and 20 x 58" running surface, the manufacturer has shown a clear intention of where they want this model to be positioned on the market. If you exercise occasionally and you aren't too tall and heavy, the F63 will be a pretty good solution for you. If you have more than 325lbs and you are going to practice every day, it would be better to buy f80 instead. But, if you are somewhere between, the F65 will satisfy your needs.

Where to Buy Sole F65 at best price?

Although you can buy Sole treadmills through several websites and online retailers, the best place to purchase Sole equipment is the Sole Fitness official website. They don't approve coupon codes, but money saving deals embedded in links (see above). If you order directly from the manufacturer, in addition to the best price, you'll get free shipping and residential delivery. Given that a shipping sometimes costs about $300, that is considerable savings. Moreover, you'll pay zero sales tax!

If you still not sure where to buy your new Sole treadmill, consider the following: you can purchase it, try it, and if you don't like it, you can back your treadmill to the manufacturer. They will refund your purchase amount with no question asked! They offer 30-day trial period! For more information visit the official website.

Another great place offering affordable prices and great customer support is Amazon.

The Sole treadmill line is on sale right now

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