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Affordable Treadmill For Home Use - 2022

Horizon T101 - An inexpensive treadmill that worth each penny

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Horizon T101 Key Specs:

Finding the best treadmill for home use at an affordable price is a bit tricky. Not because there are no good machines in 2022, but because we have to determine what does it mean "affordable". Someone would say it should be cheap. We would rather say "inexpensive". Cheap machines (mostly below 500-600) are generally of poor quality and they don't last long. In the other hand, most people are buying a treadmill for occasional home use and don't' want to spend more than $1000 for it. So, we will keep our attention to the machines within the price range from $500 to $1000.

Although our best buy picks in this category are the Sole F63 and the Horizon T202, the Horizon T101 does not lag behind them, comparing its price-quality ratio. Listed at $699 (currently on sale) it is worth every penny. It could be the number one choice in the category of affordable treadmills, offering great value for money. Especially as a home treadmill for an average user. Let's see what it has to offer:

Horizon T101 Treadmill Review

The new model offered in 2022 is an improved and upgraded treadmill of the best-selling machine of this brand in the last ten years, which is also called t101. Not letting competition to outdo them, Horizon has improved key sections of the already good treadmill. Moreover, they completely redesigned the console, adding a lot of modern gadgets.

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In addition to the rack where you can put your tablet or your phone (allowing you to watch movies, some entertainment, or instructor-led exercise classes), there is a USB port for fast-charging of all USB compatible devices. Also, you can connect your device with built-in Bluetooth speakers to stream media with crisp, vibrant stereo sound. In the center of the console, in front of you is a fan that brings fresh air and cools you as you run or walk. Two deep shelves on either side of the display are more than enough for a bottle of water and other little things you could keep there (for example a TV remote control).

Now, let's see the construction. The T101 is packed on a solid frame that takes up a space of: 70" x 34" x 55" (L x W x H), or 46" x 34" x 61" when folded. It features the shock-absorbing 3-zone variable response cushioning system. This is the unique running deck solution that all Horizon treadmills are equipped with. It is designed with a similar philosophy as a running shoe. It should provide softer cushioning in the impact zone, protecting your joints and firmer cushioning in the push-off zone.

Treadmill for home useHorizon T101 console

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[x] Horizon T101 console

The deck dimensions of 20" x 55", with an incline ability up to 10 degrees is good for walking, jogging or running alike. Its quiet 2.5 CHP (Continuous-Duty Horsepower) motor is backed with a lifetime warranty, so you have nothing to worry about. It runs at lower RPMs (Revolutions Per Minute is a measurement that which describes the speed of a motor) to minimize noise and increase effectiveness.

The Horizon's warranty is not the best one you can get in the fitness industry, but for the price you pay it is pretty good. The T101 WARRANTY covers:

In our opinion, the T101 provides more than you can expect from such an inexpensive treadmill.

Where to buy Horizon treadmills on sale

Although you can buy Horizon treadmills in several online shops such as Amazon, the lowest price and best buying conditions you'll get if order directly from the official website.

The Horizon treadmill line is on sale right now

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