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Our top choices of the best treadmills for 2022, based on price, durability, features and consumer feedbacks.

Treadmills Under $500

The Cheapest Treadmills

Are you looking for a cheap treadmill to buy, but you are not sure about the quality? Well, you're not alone. This is very common doubt. It is not the same if a product is made of cheap, low-quality materials, or it has a low price because you found it on sale. Anyway, we will not discuss about the quality here, you can read a review on each model by clicking on the treadmill name in the chart below. Under term "cheap", we mean treeadmills under $500. The cheapest treadmill for running, for example, can not be found at this price point.

Treadmills up to $500

Model Weight
Motor Treadbelt Incline Folding Estimated
Weslo Cardiostride 3.0 sale
Weslo Manual3.0
250lbs No 17"x41" 3levels Yes $145 SALE PRICE
Wesl cardio stride plus
Weslo Cardio 2.0
250lbs No 13"x41" 2 levels Yes $275 SALE PRICE
Merit 715 T sale
Merit 715T
250lbs 2.50 18"x47" 0 - 5% Yes $349 SALE PRICE
Weslo G 5.9 sale
Weslo G 5.9
250lbs 2.25 16"x50" 2 levels Yes $356 SALE PRICE
Merit 725 T sale
Merit 725T
250lbs 2.50 18"x50" 0 - 10% Yes $459 SALE PRICE
Walking Pad P1
Walking Pad P1
220lbs 1.25 16"x47" - Yes
$499 best buy

When buying, we are all looking for the highest quality at the lowest price. What is "cheap", depends on your particular needs. If you are looking for a high-grade treadmill for running, you definitely should browse the categories above $500. However, if you would use your treadmill occasionally for walking or light jogging, we suggest you to consider the Merit 715T, listed above.

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cheap / budget treadmills

Cheap/Budget Treadmills

It is not the same if the product is made of cheap parts, or it has a low price because we've found it on sale for you!

treadmills for home use

Treadmills for Home Use

Most of treadmills for light home use belong to the price range between $500 and $1000. Here is our selection of the best treadmills for home use

best treadmills under $2000

Between $1500 - $2000

No metter if you are looking for a treadmill for light commercial use or you want a home treadmill loaded with features, here you'll find everything you need.

commercial grade treadmills

Commercial Grade Treadmills

Commercial treadmills are differ from home treadmills because they are built to withstand frequent use in health clubs.


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