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Weslo Treadmill Reviews

About Weslo Brand

The Weslo treadmills are produced by one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment, the ICON Fitness. Under the brand of Weslo they sell company’s low-priced, entry-level equipment for home use. Among others, they also own the NordicTrack, ProForm and HealthRider brands.

Weslo Treadmill Line Review

Although the Weslo treadmills belong to the category of the cheapest fitness equipment on the market, the new models are engineered with an easy-folding frame design. However, the quality and durability is still questionable. Before you decide to buy Weslo treadmill, please know that there are available much better, high grade treadmills for just a few hundreds more, such as the Horizon T101, for instance. Anyway, some "treadmill reviewers" underrate Weslo probably due to their low prices, though Weslo treadmills survive on the market for years. Weslo treadmills are designed for for people who want to start exercising but can't afford a treadmill with features that would never be used. It doesn't mean that Weslo exercise machines are terrible, but they are designed for light home use. Some of them are not so quiet and smooth like more expensive models, some of them don't have a motor and can be used only for walking... But, all of these Weslo treadmills are folding. All Weslo treadmills are designed with an incline option too. Also, all of them come with a simple LCD display... even for $99.

Model Weight
Motor Treadbelt Speed Folding Incline SALE
weslo cadence g 5.9
Cadence G 5.9
250lbs 2.25 16"x50" 0-10 mph Yes 2 Levels SEE BEST PRICE
weslo cardiostrice 2.0 plus manual
Cardio Stride 2.0
250lbs - 13"x41" walk Yes 2 Levels SEE BEST PRICE
weslo manual treadmill
Cardio Stride 3.0
250lbs - 17"x41" walk Yes 3 Levels SEE BEST PRICE

Where to buy Weslo treadmills on sale

Weslo equipment is low class/quality. It's OK if you want to buy a manual treadmill (there is nothing that may break), but if you are looking for a motorized treadmill it's better option to go for Merit Fitness. You'll get much better machine at similar price. In our opinion, the best choice you can make is to add a few bucks more and go for the Horizon T101. It is a high-grade treadmill, available on sale at unbelievable low price.
If you still want to give Weslo a try, we suggest you order directly from Amazon. There you'll get better deals compared to the offical Weslo website.

The Weslo treadmill line is on sale right now

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