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Best Folding Walking Treadmill For Seniors

Cheap & lightweight walking treadmill for elderly.


R2 Key Specs:

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Although the R2 walking pad is rated as the best folding treadmill for seniors, it could be a great solution for home office as well. It's actually designed for both under-the-desk use (with a foldable handrail) and as a regular treadmill for small spaces (with its unique double folding pad construction).
It is one of the cheapest folding treadmills on the market (see also the WalkingPad P1)

WalkingPad R2 Review

Why we think this machine is a good solution for elderly? In the first place because of its simplicity. The R2 is a lightweight machine, easy to fold. No complicated assembly required. There is no complicated and confusing computer with tons of options that will never be used. The data display is simple, clearly visible, and shows all the necessary information.
Secondly, it is equipped with the so-called "Intelligent speed control" by sensing the steps. This means that you can control the speed not only with the remote control and smartphone app, but also with your feet while walking. So there is no fear of stumbling and falling due to inappropriate speed (which is also a good solution when you work at your office desk while walking on a treadmill pad). For more advanced users the R1 supports KS Fit APP for iOS and Android (there is also a phone / tablet holder and storage box integrated into the handrail). The handrail is adjustable, so you can modify its height to suit your needs and lock it in that position with a simple turn of the crank (with finger protection design).

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The R2's frame is fully foldable by 180 degrees and occupies an area of less than 0.2 square meters. The hinge design enables it to be folded in under 3 seconds. It has transport wheels on the bottom for easy manipulation and storage. It can be stored under the bed or even in an upright position. Although it has a folding frame, stability is not compromised. Its quiet brushless motor delivers 1.25 horse power and supports speeds from 0.5 to 3.7mph (6kmh) in walking mode and from 0.5 - 6.2mph (10kmh) in running mode.

For safety reasons, the frame has a layer of anti-slip rubber material on the metal footplates with the step height of only 2.75in (7cm). This is important for elderly users.

Overall, the look of this treadmill is ultra modern and classy. Its color emphasizes beauty and gives an impression of luxury to any living room or office. Especially when folded and stored upright.

Where to buy Walking Pad treadmills?

With its basic price of $899 this treadmill already belongs to the group of cheap fitness machines. However, with our $100 savings coupon, you can get it even cheaper! The safest place to purchase Walking Pad R2 is the official website. They offers 14-day price protection. This means if an item you bought on the official website can be found for a lower cost anywhere in your country, they will give you a refund for the difference in price.

If you prefer, you can also buy WalkingPad treadmill on Amazon. In that case, there is no valid coupon code.

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