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Flat Pad Under-Desk Walking Treadmill

Flat treadmill for under desk


A1 Pro Key Specs:

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If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk in front of your computer and would like to spend that time walking outside, why not combine these activities and do them all at once. A flat pad under-desk walking treadmill could be a good and wise solution. You can achieve your daily exercise needs while doing your job.

WalkingPad A1 Pro Review
A flat treadmill for under desk

Unlike the classic treadmill construction, the A1 Pro flat pad treadmill is specially designed for under desk use. For obvious reasons you can't work and sprint at the same time, so this machine is only used for walking and light jogging. But what if you want to jog in your living room while watching TV? No worries, it is equipped with transport wheels, so you can easily drag it wherever you want. Moreover, to make it easier for you, the A1 Pro can be folded up for 180 degrees and then you can move it around effortlessly. This is a unique feature that sets this flat treadmill apart from other brands that offer similar fitness equipment. It's so cleverly designed that you can literally store it under the bed in three easy steps when not in use. It can even be stored upright. For now WalkingPad machines are the only treadmills on the market that have this option (who knows, maybe the Chinese will copy them soon).

The WalkingPad A1 Pro comes with brushless motor that delivers 1.25 horsepower. These electric motors belong to the new generation, which are quiet so that you can concentrate on your work without distraction. They are a bit more expensive than those with brushes, but they work smoothly, quietly and do not require any maintenance. However, WalkingPad also offers another cheaper model with brush technology, the P1, sold for under $500.

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Just to mention, they also have a larger brushless model with a built-in handrail that can be folded up for under-the-table use - the R2 lightweight treadmill. The another unique feature of the A1 Pro is its display. It has a clearly visible high-brightness LED panel built into the pad base, as shown in the image above. This looks fancy and quite useful when you're jogging in front of the TV, but it's useless when you slide the treadmill under the desk. The WalkingPad's engineers have found a solution for such situations as well. In addition to the remote control that is included in the package (with start & stop, acceleration & deceleration commands), you have the option to purchase a digital remote control with a display. So you can have all the readings in front of you, right on your desk.

If you're a fan of tracking your fitness progress with an app, you'll definitely love the A1 Pro. It supports KS Fit app for iOS and Android.

Where to buy Walking Pad treadmills?

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Additionally, the company offers 14-day price protection. This means if an item you bought on the official website can be found for a lower cost anywhere in your country, they will give you a refund for the difference in price.

If you prefer, you can also buy WalkingPad treadmill on Amazon. In that case, there is no valid coupon code.

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