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Small Foldable Walking-Pad Treadmill For Office & Home Use

Compact foldable treadmill for home office and small spaces


X21 Key Specs:

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You are probably overloaded with office work every day and spend hours in a sitting position, while your body is crying out for physical activity. Even while working at home, you are exhausted at the end of the day and don't even have time for a short walk. Maybe you would do some exercise, but you are limited by the small space around you. If you recognize yourself in these situations, a compact foldable walking-pad treadmill may be the right solution for you.

WalkingPad X21 Review
Best compact treadmill for small spaces

Following the needs of the average working class, designers have come up with a new generation of fitness equipment. The goal was to create a device that is suitable for use during everyday tasks in small spaces. Since most people work in the office or from home, it makes sense that they don't need heavy equipment to build tons of muscle like gym goers. Walking is an action that the body performs automatically without interrupting work that requires full attention. Consequently, the best solution was a walking-pad treadmill. Another important thing that needed to be solved was how to fold the machine in a few steps when not in use, without it looking messy and bulky. Or if it really has to be in a visible place, at least look like a piece of modern furniture. This would be a short layman's description of what the X21 is, without dull numbers and boring technical data.

The WalkingPad X21 can be folded in half and is easier to move around than a traditional treadmill. With its compact, space-saving design, it's perfect for office and home use. It provides a maximum speed of 12 km/h (7.4mph) which is suitable for more fitness minded treadmill enthusiasts who don't have time for the gym or going out for running. However, if you will use it just for walking and light jogging, there is another, even smaller under-desk walking treadmill - the R2.

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The X21 computer console has a hidden and ultra-modern LED digital display screen. Its touch-sensitive operation panel is built into the handrail for easy operating. The handrail is also equipped with a detachable phone / tablet holder. You can pair your device with a treadmill and access to interaction interface directly using NFC (for Android). Also it supports the KS Fit app (for iOS and Andorid).

Its treadbelt is composed of four layers to simulate the real feeling of running, improving comfort and safety for the joints. Over the base board (medium density fibreboard) the engineers added an EVA cushioning layer, over it a wearing layer, and on top of that there is an anti-skid and anti-static running belt. The X21 is an ultra-lightweight treadmill due to its all-aluminum alloy frame. It has high-strength wear-resistant wheels so you can easily manipulate it in a small room.

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