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Our top choices of the best treadmills for 2022, based on price, durability, features and consumer feedbacks.

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If you have not decided yet which brand to consider, here is a list of treadmill manufacturers that deserve your attention. It is based on our 10-year experience, reviews and model comparisons, and actual consumer opinions. For your convenience, we've 'put togheter a treadmill brands rating, taking into account many aspects, including a manufacturer warranty, brand reputation, price/features ratio, products durability... Click on the brand names below for more information.

  • Sole Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    sole fitness 5 stars

    Sole Fitness offers high grade treadmills for home and light commercial use. This is a leading brand in the fitness industry. Competition on the market is strong, but with each new model Sole finds a way to offer better machines at more affordable sales conditions.
    Price range: from $999 to $2,499

  • Life Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    life fitness 5 stars

    Life Fitness is one of the oldest brand in the fitness industry. It is known for high-grade, premium products. The Life Fitness treadmill line includes both treadmills for commercial and residential use.
    Price range: from $2,000 to $6,999

  • Walking Pad Treadmill Reviews

    walking pad 5 stars

    Although Walking Pad is a relatively new brand, their treadmills have become extremely popular in their short time of existence. They are cheap, lightweight and unique.
    Price range: from $499 to $1,009

  • Horizon Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    horizon fitness 5 stars

    Horizon Fitness is a brand owned by Taiwanese company Johnson Health Tech. They offer good quality equipment. Unfortunatelly, compared with compete machines by other brands, people prefer to choose something that is labeled with "Made in USA". In our humble opinion, Horizon offers good quality treadmills for home use.
    Price range: from $599 to $1,999

  • Diamondback Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    diamondback fitness 5 stars

    Diamondback Fitness is one of the very first manufacturer of the sports goods in the world. The brand is one of the most recognized names in the bike industry. Several years ago, they expanded their production to the field of treadmills. Given that there is no compromise for them when it comes to quality, this is one of the best rated brands on the market. They offer excellent machines at reasonable prices.
    Price range: from $599 to $1,499

  • Bowflex Treadclimber Reviews

    bowflex treadclimber 5 stars

    Bowflex is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. From the 1980s when they introduced their first Home Gym, they have grown into a company that plays a significant role in the market. The Bowflex treadmills are not designed as classic treadmills. Actually, they are unique alternatives for cardio training, called Treadclimbers, that combine elliptical motion with treadmills features.
    Price range: from $2,199 to $3,299

  • NordicTrack Treadmill Reviews

    nordictrack 4 stars

    NordicTrack is one of the most popular brnads in U.S., due to the fact that their products are available at most major retail chains across the country. NordicTrack treadmills are produced by ICON Health & Fitness, a manufacturer of HealthRider, Proform, Reebok, Weslo and many other brands. In fact, they don't care about a quality too much. What is imporant to such a mass producer, is that they sell their products well, from season to season.
    Price range: from $799 to $2,499

  • Precor Treadmill Reviews

    precor 4 stars

    Precor is the U.S. based company offering high-end fitness machines. Their equipment is chosen by universities, health clubs, hotels, spas, commercial gyms and residential customers all over the world. However, they fitness equipment is to expensive for an average user.
    Price range: from $1,199 to $8,755

  • Xterra Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    xterra fitness 4 stars

    "Xterra treadmills are produced by the same company that makes Sole Fitness, a leading brand in the industry. The Xterra treadmill line includes only foldable machines, designed for home use.
    Price range: from $799 to $1,299

  • ProForm Treadmill Reviews

    proform 4 stars

    Owned by one of the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world, ICON Health & Fitness which produces many other brands including NordicTrack, HealthRider, Reebok, etc, ProForm is their budget division. ProForm produces treadmills designed for average home users, at affordable prices.
    Price range: from $599 to $1,999

  • Merit Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    merit fitness 4 stars

    Merit offers a low-budget treadmills that sell at prices are up to $500. It is a Wisconsin-based company known for great customer service. These treadmills are meant for beginners.
    Price range: from $349 to $449

  • Yowza Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    yowza fitness 3 stars

    Yowza Fitness is not a mass producer. It is the only manufacturer of fitness equipment that is not beholden to any retail partners or big box vendors. They were on the top for years. However, in recent years we received numerous reports regarding their poor customer support.
    Price range: from $899 to $2,199

  • HealthRider Treadmill Reviews

    healthrider 3 stars

    Similar to the Horizon story, HealthRider manufactures great machines, but compared with compete brands, they are a bit overpriced. HealthRider is a part of ICON Health & Fitness, that among others, ownes NordicTrack, ProForm and Weslo.
    Price range: from $699 to $2,599

  • Reebok Treadmill Reviews

    reebok 3 stars

    Reebok is another brand owned by ICON Health & Fitness, a global player in the treadmill business. Reebok treadmills share same or similar platforms and parts with ProForm, NordicTrack, HealthRider... In fact, these are pretty same machines sold under different brand names.
    Price range: from $699 to $2,499

  • Smooth Fitness Treadmill Reviews

    smooth fitness 2 stars

    Smooth Fitness has been out of business for years. Recently, ICON Fitness purchased the brand in order to lauch their product line under the famous name. However, their treadmills are not at the same high level quality like the old machines.
    Price range: from $900 to $4,000

  • Weslo Treadmill Reviews

    weslo 2 stars

    Weslo treadmills belong to the low-budget machines. They are produced by ICON Health & Fitness as they economy line.
    Price range: from $99 to $1,099

Treadmill Manufacturer Ratings

In our opinion, some of the manufacturers have been rated too low just because their treadmills are too expensive for an average buyer. In the other hand, some of the brands, such as Weslo for instance, could be rated higher, given that their products are simple machines for home use at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them (like IKEA furniture).

cheap / budget treadmills

Cheap/Budget Treadmills

It is not the same if the product is made of cheap parts, or it has a low price because we've found it on sale for you!

treadmills for home use

Treadmills for Home Use

Most of treadmills for light home use belong to the price range between $500 and $1000. Here is our selection of the best treadmills for home use

best treadmills under $2000

Between $1500 - $2000

No metter if you are looking for a treadmill for light commercial use or you want a home treadmill loaded with features, here you'll find everything you need.

commercial grade treadmills

Commercial Grade Treadmills

Commercial treadmills are differ from home treadmills because they are built to withstand frequent use in health clubs.


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