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yowza fitness

Yowza treadmills

About Yowza Fitness

update It seems like Yowza has gone out of business. That means you will be left without any support. Instead, we suggest you to consider Sole Fitness

Yowza Fitness is an USA based company, that has been in business since 2009. However, their machines are built to last by a manufacturer that has been around for 30 years. They are one of just a very few manufacturers who owns their own factories and therefore the quality is un-paralleled. The brand Yowza Fitness has been launched by Mr. Joe Alter, the person that originally came up with the idea of selling fitness equipment directly from the manufacturer and only through the Internet. About 10 years before he founded the company, he created and turned Smooth Fitness into the biggest online seller. After "divorce" from Smooth, he continues to use the same manufacturing company, with the new brand - Yowza Fitness. Just to be said, it was a loss only for Smooth Fitness. Today, Yowza is the industry’s leading direct-to-consumer manufacturer of high end fitness equipment. The company is known for excellent quality control and covers their treadmills with the best warranties in the industry.

Yowza Treadmill Line Review

We spent years exploring, testing, reviewing and rating each treadmill listed on this website, searching for the best one in each category. Somehow, some of the Yowza models always appear within the "top three" highest-rated treadmills. In terms of innovation and cutting edge design, Yowza Fitness is way ahead of the rest of the industry.

👋 Hands-free Motion Ccontrol: It allows you to change speed without touching your treadmill or even changing your running position All you have to do is to move your hand over the sensor.

⧉ Intelligent Weight Management (IWM): Integrated with a with digital wireless scale (comes with a treadmill), it helps you manage your body weight with ease.

⚒ Construction: Max user weight vary by treadmill model. However, Yowza stated that their treadmills can operate comfortably with a user weight of up-to 400 lbs. Their unique Space saving folding system allows you to unfold a treadmill with the push of a lever and without assisting. Also it folds up with the ease of pulling the trigger and lifting into place. Fold up dimension makes the Space saving at its best.

➰ Decks: Some of the Yowza treadmills are equipped with the patented Progressive shock absorbing deck. It reduces initial and rebound impact stress on leg joints while improving calorie burn rate by up to 23%.

☔ Warranties: Yowza treadmills come with the industry-leading warranty. It includes: Lifetime on frame and motor, 5 years on electronics, up to 7 years on parts, and 2 years in-home labor.


Yowza Lido
Yowza Delray
Yowza Osprey
Yowza Delray Plus
Yowza Delray Grande
Yowza Sebring
Yowza Delray Elite
Yowza Daytona
Yowza Boca
Yowza Daytona Plus
250lbs 300lbs 300lbs 300lbs 300lbs 300lbs 330lbs 350lbs 330lbs 400lbs
Motor 2.50 2.75 2.75 3.00 3.25 3.00 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.50
17x51 20x55 20x52 20x60 20x60 20x55 20x63 20x60 20x63 20x60
0.5-8 0.5-11 0.5-11 0.5-11 0.5-11 0.5-11 0.5-12 0.5-12 0.5-12 0.5-12
2 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 15
Programs 8 15 16 15 15 16 15 15 7 15
Speakers No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fan No No No No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Folding Yes No Yes No No Yes No No No No
No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
IWM* Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
USD Price 899 799 999 1,099 1,099 1,199 1,399 1,699 1,799 2,199

Where to Buy Yowza Lido on sale?

The Yowza's sales model is a simple one. They only sell direct and at discount pricing so you will never have to deal with a retailer who is marking-up the products. You will always receive the best price when ordering directly through this link (a discount coupon is embedded). Other retailers may have a lower list price but will not include promotional items like free assembly (a $299 value). Or they will add shipping and/or taxes. Anyway, you can save 45-60% off of comparable retail items.

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