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Yowza Lido Review

A Compact Folding Treadmill

update It seems like Yowza has gone out of business. That means you will be left without any support. Instead, we suggest you to consider Sole 63

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Lido Treadmill Key Specs:

The Yowza Lido is the smallest machine in the Yowza's treadmill series. At the same time it is the cheapest one, but it doesn't mean it is made of cheap components and poor materials. It's just the opposite. The Lido is a high-quality, compact treadmill designed for home use.

Yowza Lido Treadmill Review

It is designed for those who are just starting to use a treadmill, and want a nice, quiet, high-grade machine which can be easily opened for use or easily folded for storage (folds to an amazing 14” for easier storage). It looks nicely even when folded. As a starter model, it is a very good machine, but because of its small size, it is suitable only for people who are not too tall. The runnung area measures 17 x 51 inches. It is made of the following components: A quiet running belt that consists of multi-layer PVC with nylon-polyester whisper weave bottom; A one-inch triple-laminated phenolic wax-impregnated deck. Although the deck shock absorption system has the pompous name "High Density Absorption Deck", it is just a bit better compared to an ordinary cushioning system. It is developed by a 2.50CHP motor which is just good enough for every average user (a 2.50 horse power motor is an industry standard). It is quite and durable, engineered to provide power for long walks and light jogging. If you are looking for a folding treadmill for runners - bigger and stronger - at a similar price, check out the Yowza Osprey instead.

Yowza Lido reviewYowza Lido console

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[x] Yowza Lido console

Surprisingly in this price range, Yowza Lido comes with the IWM technology. It delivers the optimum weight management workout in conjuction with Yowza's precision weight scale (included). How it works: Just step on scales before all subsequent sessions and the treadmill will create an optimum workout automatically. On very first use, you should input your age, your weight and height. It calculates ideal weight using Body Mass Index and creates personalised workout session. The IWM system automatically communicates this workout to your treadmill console. System learns your preferences and tailors workouts accordingly. Additionally, the console features eight preset workout programs and seven individual user memory slots.

A clear, easy to read, blue backlit LCD display is positioned in front of you. There is no cooling fan, built-in speakers and such fancy extras, but you have a large towel holder underneath the console. A heart rate monitor is positioned on each side of handles. The Lido comes fully assembled, which means 5 minutes from box to exercise.

The Yowza Lido WARRANTY includes:

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The Yowza's sales model is a simple one. They only sell direct and at discount pricing so you will never have to deal with a retailer who is marking-up the products. You will always receive the best price when ordering directly through this link (a discount coupon is embedded). Other retailers may have a lower list price but will not include promotional items like free assembly (a $299 value). Or they will add shipping and/or taxes. Anyway, you can save 45-60% off of comparable retail items.

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