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Yowza Delray Review

A Basic Treadmill for Runners

update It seems like Yowza has gone out of business. That means you will be left without any support. Instead, we suggest you to consider Sole Fitness

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Yowza Delray Key Specs:

Although all treadmills from the Delray series look pretty the same, they are completely different machines. They share only the attractive outward appearance. By performance, the Delaray is more like the Osprey, a treadmill from Yowza's folding treadmill line.

Yowza Delray Review

The Delray is an entry-level model in the Yowza's non-folding treadmill line. It doesn't mean a lower parts quality compared to the other models, but just fewer features, in order to be cheaper and affordable to a wider number of people. First of all, it has a smaller running surface (20" x 55"), but it is still the same Swing Arm platform with top cushioning technology. It provides enough room for 6-foot-tall users. if you are more than 6 feet tall, a better option for you would be to consider a treadmill with the running deck of 60 inches, so you can get a full stride length for run - see the Delray Plus. The Swing Arm platform is designed in such a way that allows the entire deck to move and to absorb impact perfectly. It reduces initial and rebound impact stress on leg joints.

Yowza Delray reviewYowza Delray console

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[x] Yowza Delray console

The Delray comes with a 2.75 HP motor, 12 incline levels and a maximum speed of 11mph. When it comes to the computer console, it is preloaded with 15 programs, including 3 target programs, weight loss program, HRM program, speed interval program, 3 preset programs, and fitness test based on heart rate recovery. It has a wireless capability to be used with the included heart rate transmitter belt. Additionally it has 7 individual user memory slots. The console features an integrated sound system, with an MP3/iPod input and Hi Fidelity speakers.

Regardless this is an entry-level model, Yowza stands behind their brand no matter the price. Thus the Delray WARRANTY includes:

Where to Buy Yowza Delaray on sale?

The Yowza's sales model is a simple one. They only sell direct and at discount pricing so you will never have to deal with a retailer who is marking-up the products. You will always receive the best price when ordering directly through this link (a discount coupon is embedded). Other retailers may have a lower list price but will not include promotional items like free assembly (a $299 value). Or they will add shipping and/or taxes. Anyway, you can save 45-60% off of comparable retail items.

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