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Weslo Cardio Stride Plus Review

Weslo CardioStride 2.0 Treadmill


CardioStride 2.0 Key Specs:

There is a little confusion about the name of this model. The older model had the name Cardio Stride Plus, while the new one is CardioStride 2.0. In fact, it is a same model. There is no difference between them. However, Weslo has introduced a new treadmill for walking, with a wider walking surface, offered at the same price point. For more info read the Weslo manual treadmill review.

Weslo CardioStride 2.0 Plus Review

The Weslo Cardio Stride Plus is a simple and clever designed manual treadmill. Along with the AerobicStride 2.0, it was one of the best selling treadmills for walking, for a long time. It has manual running system, which makes it very cheap. This treadmill costs about $275. Due to the fact that there is no motor, a user has complete control of speed adjustment. The CardioStride Plus is perfect for walkers and light runners. It is strong enough to maintain maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. It is equipped with dual flywheels that make the treadbelt roll evenly and run in a smoother and consistent motion.

Weslo Cardiostride Plus 2.0 reviewWeslo Cardiostride Plus 2.0 console

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[x] Weslo Cardiostride Plus 2.0 console

With very simple incline system, the treadmill can be adjusted to any of three different positions. You can adjust incline position manually (see the image on the left side). Also, when the treadmill not in use, it can be folded to the compact storage position, by raising the walking platform to its vertical position. The Weslo Cardio Stride Plus comes with a simple feedback console featuring an extra-large LCD display. The console requires two “AAA” batteries, so there is no need to place your treadmill near to the source of electric power. The console features six modes: Speed (displays your speed in miles per hour); Distance (displays the number of miles you have walked); Time (displays the elapsed time); Odometer (displays the distance that the walking belt has moved since the batteries were changed); Calorie (displays the approximate number of calories you have burned); Scan (this mode displays the Speed, Distance, Time, Odometer, and Calorie modes).

The Weslo CardioStride Plus 2.0 WARRANTY includes:

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Before you decide to purchase a manual treadmill by Weslo, we encourage you to consider a much better, not too expensive yet, the Horizon T101.
However, if you want to give Weslo a try, we suggest you order directly from Amazon. There you'll get a better deal compared to the offical Weslo website. Moreover it is a safe place offering affordable prices and great customer support .

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