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HealthRider T600i Review

T600i Treadmill Review

healthrider t600i treadmill The HealthRider T600i is an old treadmill model. It has been replaced with the H55t, but our suggestion is to consider much better treadmill the Horizon T101.

Generally, it is a basic beginner’s machine for light workouts. It offers a lot of features that you would not expect at this price point (they have already become obsolete). Like more expensive R60, the T600i also belongs to the group of SoftStrider treadmills equipped with the Soft Track tread belts. This shock-absorbing cushioned treadbelt helps reduce the jolting and jarring of the knees, ankles, and joints. The HealthRider T600i treadmill is also designed in SpaceSaver® design. Differences between these two treadmills are in their motors. While the R60 offers 2.0 CHP motor, the T600i comes with 1.5 CHP Continuous Duty Motor which is adequate for its smaller 19 x 55 running surface. The HealthRider T600i treadmill comes with 4-Window LED BioLogic including Speed display; Pulse/Calories/Fat Calories display; Distance/Incline/Laps display; and Time/Segment Time/Pace display. Also, you can follow your progress with the LED matrix as well as with the displays. Along with 6 Personal Trainer workouts, this exercise machine is iFit compatible which means you can run more workouts by connecting your treadmill on the Internet, video or CD. You can measure your heart rate using either the handgrip pulse sensor or the optional chest pulse sensor. Two CoolAire Fans are built into the console too. In conclusion, HealthRider T600i treadmill is smaller, cheaper version of R60. It has been made of mostly plastic parts, which could be damaged easily if you’re a hard core athlete. But, with a lot of features and a comfortable ride, the Healthrider T600i treadmill is a model that is perfect for fitness beginners.

HealthRider is not a leader in the field of guarantees. We could say that that the warranties they offer are in accordance to the prices. Anyway, the T600i WARRANTY includes:

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Even if you are on a limited budget, we suggest you to buy a treadmill by other brand. It could be some of the great Horizon treadmills. Or even better, Sole Fitness. With any of these brands, you'll get a high-grade machine that will surely last for years, with excellent customer support.

If you still want to give HealthRider a try, we suggest you order directly from Amazon.

The HealthRider t600i is an outdated treadmill.

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