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Evolve SG Compact Treadmill Review

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compact treadmill Horizon Evolve SG is the entry-level treadmill by HorizonFitness. It is the smallest treadmill in the Horizon product line. Its unique, compact folding design has been engineered for all of those that don't have enough room for a large fitness machine. In fact, with height of just 10-inches when is folded, the Evolve SG Compact can be stored quickly and easily under beds or couches! The folding option is a highlight feature of the Evolve SG. Other features, like treadbelt size and motor power are not so impressive at all. With 17 x 45 inches it is large enough only for lite using (walking and light jogging). Like many other budget treadmills, it is not designed for serious runners (even the maximum speed of only 6 mph confirms the same). Therefore, manufacturer's intention was to meet the needs of an average user who uses a treadmill occasionally. When it is not in use, it rests under the bed. It means that this machine will be perfect just for beginners! The Evolve SG compact treadmill is equipped with a quiet 1.5 CHP motor that is backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty. It is not so strong motor such you can find on bigger models, but it is good enough for this type of machine. It comes with a simple console, offering 2 programs to help you add variety to your routine. Heart rate pulse sensor comes as standard option. All in all, if you plan to use your treadmill no more than a few times a week, for walking or light jogging, and moreover you don't have enough room, this could be a perfect solution for you.

The Horizon's warranty is not the best one you can get in the fitness industry, but not the worst, either. Anyway, the Evolve SG WARRANTY includes:

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Although you can buy Horizon treadmills on several online shops such as Amazon for instance, the lowest price and best buying conditions you'll get if order directly from the official website.

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