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Best Treadmill For Small Spaces

Diamondback 510t Folding Treadmill

updateDiamondback Fitness 510t treadmill is out of manufacture. We suggest you to consider THIS MODEL instead, similar in price and quality.

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510T Treadmill Key Specs:

Diamondback Fitness has introduced one of the smallest portable treadmill on the market today. It is a brand new model for 2018. It is designed for small spaces, such as offices or small apartments. It became one of the best rated light treadmills for home use, almost immediately. If you don't have enough room for a "big" fitness machine, the 510T could be a right solution for you. With its compact design, this treadmill can be easily stored vertically against a wall or flat to fit under a bed.

Diamondback 510t Compact Treadmill Review

Athough it is the smallest and cheapest machine within the Diamondback treadmill series, according to its features, the 510t competes with much more expensive models by other manufacturer. It is equipped with the HiTorque motor which delivers 2.0 continuous HP. It is covered with a lifetime warranty (just to mention, it has carbon brushes).

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Unexpectedly for such kind of compact treadmills, the Diamondback 510T has a club-quality console. It has a built-in sound system with two high grade speakers. You can simply plug-in your device to the computer console. It also features ten preset workout programs to add variation to your training. Best of all, this machine is delivered completely assembled. So, there will be no headaches and nerves when the 510T arrives at your home door.

The Diamondback 510T WARRANTY includes:

Where to buy Diamondback Fitness treadmills

The best place to buy the Diamonback treadmills is the official website. Currently, they have a huge sale! Moreover, you'll receive a free shipping and great customer support.

Diamondback 510T compact treadmill is out of manufacture.

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