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A treadmill with TV screen

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Platinum Series Key Specs:

Offered as Life Fitness top of the range treadmill for home users, the Platinum Club Series utilises the same technology as their high-grade commercial treadmills. Actually, it was developed from the models designed for heavy-use in health clubs and gyms. As such, it is furnished with all of the advanced features coming from Life Fitness. Truly, it is their most expensive model, but you can save significantly by using the promo code that Life Fitness approves exclusively for our visitors.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Review

As expected from a luxury product, the Premium Series treadmill is available in four finishes and a choice of three advanced consoles. You can choose from a 7-inch LCD display, a 10-inch touch screen, and 19-inch TV concole.

se3 TV screen The Discover SE3 TV console offers internet, Bluetooth, Lifescape interactive courses, TV and app compatibility. It is preloaded with 42 workout programs, plus 8 user defined workouts. It also, supports uimitless user profiles - simply unbeatable by any other brand.

discover si console The Discover SEI console comes with With internet, Bluetooth, Lifescape interactive courses, popular apps. It is preloaded with 42 workout programs, plus 8 user defined workouts. It also, supports uimitless user profiles.

explore treadmill console The Explore colnole is the simplest yet still high-end console. It features 7-inch LCD display combined with wireless connection and Bluetooth functionality to create an engaging home workout.

The extra wide running deck is ideal for runners. It can accommodate tall runners easily. The powerfull 4.0 HP motor can reach even 8 HP at peak. The well known FlexDeck shock absorption system is boosted with 8 extra shock absorbers. The 3.5-inch rollers additionally contributes to the superior quality of this superb model.

Life Fitness offers 3 extended warranty options. However, the standard WARRANTY includes:

Where to Buy Life Fitness Platinum Series treadmill on Sale

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Cheap/Budget Treadmills

It is not the same if the product is made of cheap parts, or it has a low price because we've found it on sale for you!

treadmills for home use

Treadmills for Home Use

Most of treadmills for light home use belong to the price range between $500 and $1000. Here is our selection of the best treadmills for home use

best treadmills under $2000

Between $1500 - $2000

No metter if you are looking for a treadmill for light commercial use or you want a home treadmill loaded with features, here you'll find everything you need.

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Commercial Grade Treadmills

Commercial treadmills are differ from home treadmills because they are built to withstand frequent use in health clubs.


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