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Life Fitness T5 Treadmill Review

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T5 Key Specs:

The Life Fitness T5 is an extraordinary treadmill that every serious runner would certainly wish to have. Along with the T3, it is the best selling treadmill in the Life Fitness series. It offers an extra wide running deck that supports users up to 400lbs (182kg). So, it is suitable for all kind of users. No matter how tall you are, you would have enogh room for your extra long strides, and plenty of width to run comfortably, even at the highest speeds.

What sets the Life Fitness T5 treadmill apart from the rest and what makes it the best choice for runners is its outstanding shock absorption system. It allows you to choose from three different running surface firmness, including Standard, Firm and Hard. This fantastic running base is also equipped with a great electronics. You can choose between two types of computer console: a cheaper version is the Go console. It has a variety of engaging and motivating workout programs. the Track Plus console offers more advanced features. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices and interacts with popular fitness apps.

f3 Go consolef3 Track advanced console
Display Type Blue backlit LCD Blue backlit LCD
Support - Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod,
Compatible Apps
Workouts 12 14
Custom Workouts 2 12
User Profiles 2 4

In addition to the computer console of your choice, there is also a control panel located between two heart rate sensors. It contains speed/incline control buttons. The panel also has three speed dial buttons for each function, including Walk / Jog / Run in the speed sections, and Low / Med / High for immediate change of incline level to the desired position. However, the user can set these buttons to new values. All you have to do is to change the speed or incline to the desired new value, then holding down the button the new value will be assigned.

LifeFitness offers several extended warranty options you can choose from. The T5 treadmill standard WARRANTY includes:

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