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Precor TRM 211 Review

The Best Home Treadmill


TRM 211 Key Specs:

The TRM 211 is an entry-level treadmill produced by Precor. But, even a basic model engineered by Precor, can beat most of competitive devices on the fitness market. It's truer to say, the TRM 211 is the cheapest model in the Precor's treadmill line.

This model belongs to the Energy Series of treadmills, designed as high-grade machines for home use. They are sturdy, durable and built to last for years.

Precor TRM 211 Treadmill Review

Like all models from the Energy Series, the TRM 211 is equipped with a powerful, 3.0 HP motor. It is a so-called continuous duty motor, which delivers 3 horse powers reach a maximum speed of 12 mph, which is a standard within the category, which can be changed in 0.1 increments using the SPEED arrow keys. It also pushes a deck to the maximum of 15 degrees of incline. The running deck uses the Precor Energy Stride technology. It is a deck mounting system used in their commercial treadmills to reduce stress on the joints. The running belt is made of multi-ply polyester satin weave with a PVC non-slip surface. It is so-called "Maintenance-free" belt.

Precor TRM 211 reviewPrecor TRM 211 console

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[x] Precor TRM 211 console

The TRM 211 console comes with a blue backlit LCD display (data is shown in white). It provides clear readouts, well visible from any angle. There are two groups of metrics, one to show your redouts during workout, and another one that shows your workout summary. The center display shows the program profile and other information pertinent to your workout. The lower display presents the program name when you first select a program. During an exercise session, the lower display consists of three windows, which automatically provide specific information. On occasion, the lower display becomes a message bar and shows additional information depending on user selections and program interludes. The computer console is preloded with six workouts, including: Walk, Interval, Weight Loss, Hill Climb, Fun Run (10K) and Manual. The TRM 211 console with black finishing complements perfectly the appearance of this treadmill, that will look great in any home.

The TRM211 WARRANTY includes:

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