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ProForm XP 615 Treadmill

Replacement Model Available

ProForm xp 615 treadmill Although the this model of treadmill by ProForm is out of manufacture, from time to time it can be purchased at discount price through this link at Amazon.

There are many new models by ProForm on the market available today, but we believe it is much better option to consider some of the Horizon or Diamondback Fitness treadmills, instead.

ProForm XP 615 Treadmill Review

The smooth and quiet Proform XP 615 treadmill is equipped with an oversized 20 X 55 inch tread belt propeled by 1.75 CHP Mach Z Drive Motor which is covered with 12-year warranty. This NEW 2008 model gives you 12 wonderful weight loss workouts, each allowing you to set your maximum speed, minimum speed and overall workout duration instead of the treadmill choosing these options for you. The 615 treadmill also provides the joint protection with the ProShox Max cushioning. This innovative technology helps you feel better during and after your workout. It works well even with a 300 lbs weighty users. The Proform XP 615 is designed in Proform's SpaceSaver® Design. It means when you’re not exercising, your treadmill can be folded up, requiring less space.

Besides the features mentioned above, the 615 offers a lot of extras. Large ClearView backlit easy-to-read display has a 180° viewing angle. Additionally there is 5 x 7 Matrix display. Proform XP 615 treadmill also has a workout fan built right into the console and heart rate sensors built into the handlebars. There are more of its unique technology such as Motivational RaceTrack, QuietTech, QuickSpeed to 10 MPH, QuickIncline to 10% which make this treadmill suitable for all types of fitness users.

ProForm doesn't cover their treadmills with such a great warranty like Sole Fitness, but it is acceptable. The XP 615 WARRANTY includes:

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For more than 10 years of the website's existence, we have done lots of reviews, including prices comparison between suppliers, studied their buying conditions, warranties, etc. What we found is that the official website is not always the cheapest place for purchasing (especially in the cases of brands that are owned by ICON). According to the results, we have selected several reputable online webstores where you can safely order your ProForm treadmill at affordable prices.
Go through these links to check out what's currently on sale: Sears and Amazon. You'll find a wide range of ProForm treadmills, even those not available on the official website.

The ProForm treadmill line is on sale right now

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