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Reebok Crosswalk RT 5.0

Crosswalk RT 5.0 Spacesaver Treadmill Review

Reebok crosswalk rt 5.0 The Reebook Crosswalk RT 5.0 Spacesaver treadmill is out of manufacture. We suggest you to consider other brands that offer much better quality, as the same prices, such as Horizon Fitness or even a bit expensive Sole Fitness.

The RT 5.0 was born from an idea to merge two fitness machines proven to be best for losing weight - treadmill and elliptical trainer. Reebok Crosswalk RT 5.0 treadmill is a perfect machine for all of those who wants to burn more calories and improve total-body conditioning by combining upper-body exercise with a traditional cardio workout. It is similar technology which you can find on some of the ProForm's Crosswalk treadmills (the same manufacturer produces both machines). Below you'll find a review on Reebok Crosswalk rt 5.0 Spacesaver treadmill, so you can decide which one is better (although both come on the same rack, our vote goes to the Reebok, because it is offered at discount price reight now, and it also comes with some better features). Reebok Crosswalk RT 5.0 comes with all new high-end features, including:

  • - iFit Live wireless technology allows you to conect to the internet and powered by Google Maps run where you want.
  • - Compatible Music Port for iPod® and MP3 players which is integrated with the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System.
  • - DMX Zone Cushioning - The innovative cushioning integrates firmer support zones at the foot-strike and take-off portion of your stride.
  • - SpaceSaver® design for easy storage.

Where to buy Reebok treadmills on sale

Reebook treadmills are not the same quality as the sportswear brand. Before buying, we suggest you to consider other brands that offer much better treadmills, as the same prices, such as Horizon Fitness or even a bit expensive Sole Fitness. If you still want to give Reebok a try, the best way is to order directly from Amazon.

The Reebok treadmill line is on sale right now

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Most of treadmills for light home use belong to the price range between $500 and $1000. Here is our selection of the best treadmills for home use

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