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Sole TT8 for Runners - 2011

Sole TT8 Treadmill Review

SOLE TT8There is no doubt, the Sole TT8 treadmill has everything serious runners are dreaming about. With the widest running deck of 22 x 60 inches and 3.5HP motor with a 10lb. flywheel for smooth and consistant power it is the highest end treadmill by Sole. Nowhere else you’ll get such a large running surface and a powerful motor at this price point. It can stand face to face with any commercial treadmill, even with the double expensive models.

Its stable and robust frame has been made to support runners up to 400 lbs. The TT8 treadmill has the same great cushion flex deck that other Sole models have, to minimize stress to hips, knees and ankles. It is one of the best cushioning systems out there today which reduce impact by 40% compared to running on asphalt.

The Sole TT8 treadmill's console is designed to allow you adjustment of your speed and incline with a simple touch of button on its hand rails instead of leaning forward to the console. The console features a 6 window dot-matrix display. It breaks up your information on the display into three colors, red, gold and green, making the information very easy to understand and separates the information into better detail. For instance, It can define your heart rate into three categories with matching color. Gold, for below optimum, green, for optimum level, and red, for too high... Additionaly there is a message board that sends scrolling messages to the user in an effort to guide them through all of the details of every workout. Of course, Sole TT8 treadmill comes complete with the heart rate electronics in the console, and a Polar chest strap for the user. There are also other features including 6 standard programs, 4 user defined programs, 3 heart rate programs as well as cooling fans and speakers built into the console for your convenience. The TT8 has all options and upgrades that are available today, it is simply the finest treadmill in the Sole line, backed by the best warranty in the fitness industry.

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Although one may think the official website is the best place to buy Sole Fitness treadmill, in recent time we recevied a few reports about their bad (slow) support, from our readers. Fortunately, the Sole Fitness equipment is available through Amazon, as well. There you'll find better deals compared to the other online retailers.

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