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Smooth 6.75 Treadmill Review

Smooth Fitness Folding Treadmill

Smooth Fitness 6.75 The Smooth 6.75 is out of manufacture. We recommend you to consider some of the proven, top brands instead, including Horizon Fitness, as well as Bowflex.

The Smooth 6.75 was one of the best rated and most popular models among the Smooth's folding treadmills. Upon reading numerous comments from our visitors, feedbacks from real users of the Smooth 6.75, and many reviews, we've decided to put together a report that takes a look at how this model is rated by all of them. Let's start with its folding frame. It is equipped with a unique dual-stage shock system called SmoothDrop. It doesn't require heavy lifting to fold. All you have to do for easy storage is to gently tilt the deck into position and simply wheel it away. It often happens that treadmills for running, such as the 6.75, are noisy. Not so with this model. The unit we had on our test was surprisingly quiet for its size and power. It is not only because of its strong and stable base, but it's also due to an excellent combination of a noise-free engine, a 2-inch roller and the treadbelt technology. The deck is equipped with new shock absorption cushioning system which helps reduce harmful impact on user's joints and back.It provides speeds ranging from 0.6 to 10 mph, and additionally the running deck can be inclined up to 15%. The buttons are accessible on the handrails and will not distract your workout.. Its three horse-power engine is backed by lifetime warranty as well as its folding frame. It is obviously built to last for years and years. The console has all the latest features to keep you motivated and ensure an enjoyable training experience. From a 2-speed built in fan to lots of place for storage, including a reading rack for holding books, a cell phone or tablet. Moreover it is required because the console is compatible with iPod / MP3 players. It means that you can plug your audio device to the input jack and listen to the music through integrated audio system with two built in speakers. In the middle of the console is placed a nice, large blue backlit LCD display showing all necessary information, including your time, speed, distance, calories burned, incline and heart rate control. You can use a pulse reading from handgrip pulse monitors or a chest strap for wireless hands-free heart rate monitoring. The computer console features 14 workout programs that include 5 preset incline programs, 5 preset speed programs, 1 heart rate program, 1 manual program, 2 custom programs and 1 fitness test. For all these years, I've never heard bad thing about this model. The .Smooth Fitness 6.75 is a durable treadmill that will serve you for years. It has a stable platform for running and jogging. Lots of programs for varying workouts. If you have enough budget (around $1300) we strongly recommend you buy the 6.75 treadmill. SmoothFitness has a great Money-Back Guarantee policy. if you are not satisfied with your unit, you can return it within two months for a full refund! This is definitely one of the few manufacturers that ensures users have nothing to lose.

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Judging by product features, reviews and opinions, the new Smooth Fitness is not at the same, high-grade level, compared to the old models. We suggest you to consider some of the proven-quality brands, instead. We recommend you to check out Horizon Fitness, as well as Bowflex. However, if you want to give Smooth Fitness a try, it would be better to go with the older models. Some of them are still availabe on Amazon.

SmoothFitness is out of business

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