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Smooth 9.45 TV Treadmill Review

Treadmill with built in TV

Smooth Fitness 9.45 with TV The Smooth 9.45 TV is out of manufacture. We recommend you to consider other TV treadmills or some of the proven, top brands instead, including Life Fitness, as well as Bowflex.

The Old Smooth 9.45 TV had built-in 15-inch TV. A high quality LCD display was mounted at eye level onto a bracket above the console. It comes with Coaxial and RGB connections. Its own separate frame keeps the TV in one place with no vibration at all, even while you are running hard. The television has high-fidelity built-in speakers but can also be used with the headphones of your choice. The Smooth 9.45 TV treadmill comes with all recent features. There is not a treadmill that can deliver such quality and plenty of features for the price under $4000. Moreover, there is also the 9.45 ST model for the price about $500 less than the 9.45TV, which is identical except it does not have TV. So, if you don't want to pay additional fee for the TV but you like this treadmill, there is another option for you - you can swich to the 9.6 LC. The Smooth 9.45 TV treadmill is equipped with the Hydra Suspension™ system. All serious runners should have a treadmill with this amazing technology. It allows you to custom adjust the shock absorption to the 12 different levels that can accommodate any style of running. Whisper quiet and powerful 3.0 continuous horsepower motor is backed with a lifetime warranty. It gives a power motion to extra large commercial grade 20" x 60" triple-laminated running belt. The 9.45TV also comes with a Polar® wireless transmitter and built in receiver which will control the function of the treadmill based on your target heart rate setting. In addition, the patented Motion Control® hands-free speed adjustment technology makes the 9.45TV enjoyable to use.

Where to buy Smooth Fitness treadmills on sale?

Judging by product features, reviews and opinions, the new Smooth Fitness is not at the same, high-grade level, compared to the old models. We suggest you to consider some of the proven-quality brands, instead. We recommend you to check out Life Fitness, as well as Bowflex. However, if you want to give Smooth Fitness a try, it would be better to go with the older models. Some of them are still availabe on Amazon.

SmoothFitness is out of business

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