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Smooth 9.65 LC Treadmill Review

Smooth Fitness Review

Smooth Fitness 9.65 LC The Smooth 9.65 LC is out of manufacture. We recommend you to consider some of the proven, top brands instead, including Life Fitness, as well as Bowflex.

A commercial-grade treadmill packed on a sturdy frame with everything the manufacturer has to offer - this would be a brief description of the Smooth Fitness 9.65LC. The gym-quality fitness machine is designed for serios runners. Nothing lacking in this superb machine. Some might say it lacks a TV here. Well, the engineers from SmoothFitness have designed a machine with such an upgrade too, so everyone who wants this feature can have it with the 9.65TV, a treadmill with flat LCD TV. They are actually quite similar products in many ways. Anyway, let's go back to the Smooth 9.65LC review. The Smooth 9.65LC treadmill comes with an industry leading warranty: lifetime warranty on all parts & electronics and 2 years in home labor. This fact alone already says a lot about the quality of the product. The big, well built machine is equipped with a powerful but quiet motor that delivers 4 horsepower and can accelerate the treadbelt to a maximum speed of 12 mph. People of all sizes will feel comfortable while walking, jogging or running on its 21 inches wide and 64 inches long running surface. It has an excellent 8-point shock absorption system and easily accomodates users up to 400 pounds. The running deck can be inclined to simulate uphill terrain ranging from 1 to 15%. The Smooth 9.65LC is not just a running machine. It comes with a number features that will help you stay motivated to workout. The computer console is preloaded with 28 challenging treadmill programs. It has built-in speakers that are integrated with an iPod/mp3 audio system. This compatibility allows you to plug in your mp3 device and enjoy your your favorite movies and listen to your favorite music while working out, through one of the best sound systems you'll find in treadmills (believe me, I listened to many of them). Moreover, it allows you to plug in your tablet and take advanges of the MySmooth Virtual Trainer app. You can exercise with virtual videos that take you to some of the most incredible trails in the world (complete with natural sound effects), while your treadmill's incline and resistance simulates video landscape. The console features a 7-inch blue backlit LCD display, plus LED displays that track your time, speed, incline, distance, heart rate, calories burned.

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Judging by product features, reviews and opinions, the new Smooth Fitness is not at the same, high-grade level, compared to the old models. We suggest you to consider some of the proven-quality brands, instead. We recommend you to check out Life Fitness, as well as Bowflex. However, if you want to give Smooth Fitness a try, it would be better to go with the older models. Some of them are still availabe on Amazon.

SmoothFitness is out of business

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